Journal of Appreciative Education

Discover, Dream and Design: Evaluation of the 2012 Appreciative Advising Institute

Ye He, Brianne Stanback, Jennifer L. Bloom


The growing number of institutions interested in adopting Appreciative Advising led to the increasing need for systematic Appreciative Advisor training and professional development beyond isolated presentations. In response to this need, the Office of Appreciative Education at the University of South Carolina has sponsored the Appreciative Advising Institute in the last two years. This article offered an overview of the Appreciative Advising Institute, and reported the impact of the institute on both institute faculty and participants. Visions of Appreciative Advising and Appreciative Education were also shared. Based on the feedback from faculty and participants, recommendations for future Appreciative Advising Institute are discussed.


Appreciative Advising Institute; Evaluation

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ISSN: 2165-5421