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The Combined Effect of Learning Space and Faculty Self-Efficacy to use Student-Centered Practices on Teaching Experiences and Student Engagement

Lindley McDavid, Loran Carleton Parker, Wilella Burgess, Brooke Robertshaw, Tomalee Doan


Research on pedagogy and learning spaces often assumes that active learning spaces enhance faculty’s ability to implement student-centered practices and relies on student perspectives. Faculty completed surveys that assessed their self-efficacy for student-centered pedagogy, teaching experiences, and student engagement when teaching in active and traditional learning spaces. Self-efficacy positively predicted teaching experiences and student engagement within the same space, but negatively across spaces. Only self-efficacy in active learning spaces positively predicted student-centered strategy use. Findings challenge the assumption that skilled faculty will feel successful in any space, and necessitate the development of policies and trainings that consider pedagogy and space.

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