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Coffeehouse as classroom: Examining a flexible and active learning space from the pedagogy-space-technology-user perspective

Merve Basdogan, Anastasia Stacy Morrone


This study draws on the analysis of 56 hours of classroom video recordings and daily room usage checklists as well as interview data from students and faculty teaching in a large, flexible, technology-rich, and collaborative classroom, “Collaboration Café.” The goal is to explore faculty practices and student perspectives to increase our understanding of pedagogic interactions and the use of space and technology in active learning spaces. Informed by the updated version of Redcliff’s Pedagogy-Space-Technology (PST) framework, we argue the pivotal role of actors (i.e., faculty and students) in an active learning environment to use technology, space, and pedagogy in ways which foster learning. The discussion highlights that the faculty’s choice of instructional technique shapes active and collaborative learning behaviors in the classroom. Also, student perspectives provided evidence for satisfaction with room features such as fluidity versatility, and scalability.

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