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Student and Faculty Perception of Engagement in Two Active Learning Classroom Designs

Duane V. Knudson, Mary Odum, Karen Meaney


Faculty and student perception of engagement in two (mobile desks or mobile tables and chairs) low-tech active learning classroom (ALC) designs were compared. Student (n = 413) perceptions of engagement were measured with the Engaged Learning Index (ELI) and the Social Context and Learning Environments (SCALE) instruments at the beginning and end of a semester in a large, multi-disciplinary department. Faculty (n = 14) rated perception of engagement using only the SCALE instrument. Perceptions of engagement from faculty and students using SCALE were significantly more positive for both ALCs compared to perceptions of traditional classrooms. There was no clear evidence of differences in student and faculty perceptions of engagement between the two ALC designs. No or small differences between the two ALC designs means departments might consider cost, maintenance, and other pragmatic factors in ALC design.

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