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The Perceived Effect of Learner-Centered Pedagogy in Secondary Active Learning Spaces and Impact on Student Engagement

Jennifer R. Gracyalny, Laura E. Hurtienne


This study collects perceptions from educators about how pedagogical practices could be transformed for a learner-centered concentration in active learning spaces to support student engagement. Seven participants provide data through a focus group, interviews, and observations. Four main themes are identified: (1) Collaboration and Engagement, (2) Learner-Centered Pedagogy, (3) Professional Development, and (4) Positive Classroom Behaviors. Professional development focused on best practices helps to build teacher capacity and collective efficacy. With an investment in professional development for educators focused on learner-centered pedagogy, there are opportunities to realize a return on this investment in increased student engagement and collaboration. The researcher recommends a tiered-pyramid representation of an integrated active-learning system, with a solid foundation of learner-centered pedagogy.

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