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Learning Space Spotlight -- Beth Filar Williams. Journal of Learning Spaces, 1(1), 2011
Learning Space Spotlight

Informal learning space: Noel Studio for Academic Creativity Crabbe Library, Eastern Kentucky University,


"The Noel Studio for Academic Creativity inspires 21st-century critical and creative thinking in the design of highly effective communication and research through multiple modes and media by employing an innovative integrated pedagogy within the EKU community and nationwide." From


studio monitor wall   Studio Greenhouse
Studio Monitor Wall, courtesy of Noel Studio
Studio Greenhouse, courtesy of Noel Studio

Design: Voelker.Blackburn.Niehoff Architects
Year built: September 2010
Size: 10,000 square-foot space
Capacity: 295


Invention space - includes jumbo wall-to-wall whiteboard and oversized tablet paper, comfy couches,  copycam to take photos of whiteboard, low-tech manipulatives include Legos, Play-doh, Jenga, and various art supplies.
Breakout space - book for up to 2 hours, holds 4-10 people, comfortable chairs and attached desktops, with computer and corresponding wall monitor, and a wall-mounted white board.
Presentation suite - includes private rooms for 1-3 people booked for 2 hours with a computer, a corresponding wall monitor, a wall-mounted whiteboard, a podium, and a wall-mounted video camera; public presentation area with  mobile work tables and chairs; computer cluster for individuals with  HP TouchSmart computers.
Greenhouse - contains Collaboration Station and modular, movable furniture where most consultations happen, several wall-mounted HP Touchsmart computers of various sizes, two Mac computers, with the full Adobe suite, a Cultivation Station  with six HP TouchSmart computers for individual work after consultations, and a reflection stations with  two high-top tables next to several outlets for use with personal laptops.
Discovery classroom - a private room for up to 30 students containing 30 laptops and 3 projectors with movable, comfortable, furniture.
Conference room -  a private, Interactive Tele-Video (ITV), capable room primarily used for meetings containing a projector and a wall-mounted camera


The Noel Studio “houses the latest technologies for developing and refining a variety of texts and communication pieces. This list includes a CopyCam system, articulating monitors, touch-screen technology, video equipment, Macs, and PCs. And a variety of low-tech resources for collaboration and invention, including mobile dry erase boards, thought-provoking games, and inspiring manipulatives.”


Administrators: One director, three coordinators, one technology associate, and one administrative assistant.
Advisers: Interdisciplinary group of leaders from across campus.
Student-consultants: Student staff members-known as consultants-consist of graduate M.A. students, graduate research consultants, and undergraduate students from across the disciplines.

Innovative features, uses

The Noel Studio features spaces where students can focus on invention—highlighting divergent thinking—and focused revision of texts—highlighting convergent thinking. Many of the monitors are also touch-screen, allowing students to fully engage texts during the creation and design process. Visitors will find that the space reflects an appreciation for multiple learning styles.  The studio hosts workshops, seminars, guest speakers, and collaborative sessions including  hosting conferences like Southeastern Writing Center Association (SWCA) conference and National Association of Communication Centers (NACC) conference in 2012; see Features for an array of other uses.

Research and Recognition

Press releases and national recognition,
Papers and presentations,


Crabbe Library
521 Lancaster Avenue
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: (859) 622-7330

Dr. Russell Carpenter, Director
Library 310 P
521 Lancaster Avenue
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: (859) 622-7403

Profiled by Beth Filar Williams, Coordinator of Library Services for Distance & Online Learning, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro University Libraries


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