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Learning Space Spotlight. Journal of Learning Spaces, 1(2), 2012
Learning Space Spotlight

Information Commons C.G. O'Kelly Libray, Winston-Salem State University


The Information Commons in C.G. Kelly Library was created on the principle of a one-stop-shop service for academic research and presentation preparation. It exists to integrate as well as facilitate access to library resources in order to meet the research needs of the university community while enabling users to become 21st century information-literate scholars.


CG O'Kelly Information Commons
CG O'Kelly Information Commons


CG O'Kelly Information Commons
Service point

Invention space - Before the area that is now the Information Commons was redesigned and renovated, the space served as a computer lab and housed the majority of the reference and textbook/reserves collection. A major goal was to transform a traditional library facility into a modern learning space. Many amendments and upgrades were implemented during the transitional phase. Outdated carpet and traditional service points were replaced, giving the learning space a more contemporary feel. The reference collection, which before the renovation was positioned in the middle of the space, was weeded and then moved onto newly-purchased moveable shelves in the back of the commons. The textbook/reserves collection and service point were relocated to the Circulation Desk. This created space for more seating and technology, including: LCD panels, computers, scanners, more space to collaborate and new informal lounge seating.
Information Commons (IC) General Open Space - The general space houses 70 desktop computers, 1 copier, 1 print station, lounge seating and contemporary furniture, several white boards and 2 sections of 20 moveable shelves. These shelves house the reference collection and some general stacks items.
Service Point - In the past, this desk was called Textbook Desk/Reserve. Part of the transformation of the commons resulted in its collection being relocated to the Circulation Desk. A new sleek service desk was installed. The (IC) service point houses the hardware and accessories for the technologies in the commons: iPads, webcams, microphones and headphones. Four workstations, a color printer and a scanner are also available.
Presentation clusters - The IC has 4 presentation clusters throughout the general area. Each cluster has a 42’ LCD monitor, hardware and the accessories mentioned above.
Presentation room - This private room, with a presentation cluster, holds 5- 7 patrons.
Conference room -  a private, Interactive Tele-Video (ITV), capable room primarily used for meetings containing a projector and a wall-mounted camera


Standard software including Microsoft Office Suite, SPSS is available. Windows Live Movie Maker and Web 2.0 tools for audio video production, Animoto, Slide Rocket, Vyew, ISSUU, Prezi, Vcasmo, BlogTalkRadio, Debut and FaxZero are popular in the IC. At the beginning of 2012, the IC staff began to utilize web 2.0 tools to enhance service and workflow at the Circulation and IC service points.


One coordinator, two librarians, and three library technical assistants.


In addition to library information literacy sessions, the IC is used for Tiny Tech Talk Session, workshops through which library staff informs the university community about new tech programs and services. The IC also hosts one-shot class instruction that focuses on media literacy and emerging technologies.


Forrest Foster
Head, Access Service and Information Commons Coordinator


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