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Learning Space Spotlight. Journal of Learning Spaces, 2(1), 2013
Learning Space Spotlight

Indiana University Bloomington’s Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL)


The vision of the CITL is to create a nationally recognized model of comprehensive, integrated services that promote excellence in teaching and learning at Indiana University.  These services include instructional and curricular consulting, information literacy, instructional technologies, service-learning, writing instruction, and the scholarship of teaching and learning


Details and Design

The new CITL space in the Herman B. Wells Library was built in 2012. This approximately 9600 square feet space provides seating for approximately 125 users.
The space was designed by Kevin Huse, Ratio Architects.

Faculty and Student Open Collaborative Space
Open staff space


Multi-function conference and workshop room

The CITL’s new space on the second floor of Wells Library’s east tower is an open and collaborative environment for faculty, staff, and students that also enables them to closely collaborate with librarians specializing in information literacy. This blend of specialties enables the CITL to offer a more collaborative and dynamic way of addressing complex teaching needs. The space was designed with three key features in mind:

  • Open office floor plan for staff to encourage collaboration across all units within the CITL
  • Open and collaborative environment in the Common area with soft seating, work tables, and collaborative technology where faculty and instructors can work with consultants in a comfortable, technology-rich setting; the Common area space is also open to students outside of regular business hours
  • Small conference rooms around the perimeter of the facility provide space for private consultation and/or quiet work space for faculty and staff


Telepresence Video Conference Room

The CITL space supports a wide range of collaborative activities through its technologies, including the following:

  • Seven collaborative computer stations in the open consulting area, which allow the connection of multiple laptops, tablets, and other devices
  • Three additional collaborative computer stations in private consultation rooms
  • A thirty-person workshop room with reconfigurable tables, full-wall whiteboards, projection equipment, a Tandberg videoconferencing system, and a suite of interactive instructional technologies (Adobe Connect, Doceri, Turning Technologies clickers, etc.)
  • A Cisco Telepresence room for immersive videoconferences
  • A media consultation room for video/sound recording and multimedia production


IU accomplishes integrated services in the teaching centers through the power of strong partnerships, not by university reorganization or unilateral decision making. By establishing  common academic values and goals the university has found  ways to best serve both faculty and their students. Through cross-functional teams, Academic Affairs, the central IT organization, and the Library contribute resources  and work collaboratively under one roof.

  • Instructional Consultants (including curricular, writing, technology, and service learning specialists): 18
  • Library Teaching and Learning Specialists: 4
  • Support Staff and Hourly Employees: 7


CITL, located in the Herman B Wells Library, places scholarly and innovative teaching in the libraries as part of a broader vision for a Scholars’ Commons; this speak to the connections between research and teaching at IU Bloomington, as well as to the role of the library as a hub for intellection, innovation, and creativity. To locate faculty and student academic support services in this hub serves to underscore the centrality of student learning.

Research, Recognition, and Press


Greg Siering, Ph.D.
Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning
Herman B. Wells Library
2nd Floor, East Tower
1320 East Tenth Street
Bloomington, Indiana 47405


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