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Learning Space Spotlight. Journal of Learning Spaces, 3(1), 2014
Learning Space Spotlight

University of Florida’s ROTC Living-Learning Community (LLC) Classroom & Community Room


The ROTC LLC at Tolbert Hall is a collaborative effort between the Department of Housing and Residence Education and the Department of Military Science. The program aims to provide a high quality residential program to enhance students’ academic success and retention at UF through informal out-of-class interactions between cadets/midshipmen.

Community Room Conference Room Maritime Simulator Classroom
Community Room
Conference Room
Maritime Simulator Classroom

Details and Design

The space was renovated in 2012. The classroom is 25’11”L x 17’11”W and can seat 20 students. The conference room is 16’L x 11’11” W and can seat 8 students, while the community room in the lobby is 22’11”L x 15’4”W and can seat 8 students.

Design layout and simulator installation completed by A.I.W., Inc. ( Renovations completed by University of Florida Department of Housing and Residence Education maintenance staff.


Conference room: includes conference table and dry erase board available for group study and accessible 24/7 for residents of the residence hall.

Maritime Skills Simulator Classroom: used for classes including Navigation I (NSC 3214C) & Naval Operations & Seamanship (NSC 3215C).

Study space: The lobby includes a quiet study room with Wi-Fi access and comfortable couches for individual or group study.


Simulator information

  • One instructor computer with 64” plasma TV
  • Ten computer stations each with dual monitors
  • The simulator runs the SubSkillsNet software.
All spaces include access to high-speed wireless internet access. Future additions will include a flight simulator once funds have been secured.


One housing staff member serves as the liaison between ROTC units and the housing department.

One ROTC officer serves as a faculty-in-residence and simulator coordinator. He/She lives with his/her family in a specially designed apartment within the residence hall and helps plan and implement educational, recreational, social, and cultural programs for the residential community. This program is a structured living-learning program that promotes interaction between students and faculty through out-of-classroom experiences. For more information about this program, visit

Two housing staff members called peer mentors are selected from upper-class ROTC members to provide educational and social events in the space. They serve office hours during the afternoon and early evening hours throughout the week. They can assist residents by answering questions, hosting study sessions, and referring students to available resources on campus.

Innovative features, uses

The location of the classroom and community space in the residence hall provides convenient 24/7 access for residents to gather, collaborate, and study. In addition to housing, this community represents a collaborative effort with ROTC units and the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division that allowed the University of Florida to be the only university in the nation to install a maritime skills simulator in an ROTC community.

Research, recognition, press

News clip of ribbon-cutting ceremony:


Cliff Haynes, Ph.D.
Academic Initiatives Specialist
Department of Housing and Residence Life
PO Box 112100
Gainesville, FL 32611-2100
(352) 392-2171

University of Florida NROTC
 20 Van Fleet Hall, Stadium Rd
 Gainesville, FL 32611
(352) 392-0973


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