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New Identities New Voices: Introducing The Choreographer-Notator

Beth Megill


In this practitioner’s perspective paper, the author discusses an experience in which she notated a piece of her choreography using a combination of Labanotation and Motif Notation with the intent of setting the repertory from the score on a group of contemporary dancers, who had never read notation before. She explains her goals as a choreographer and notator proposing a fused creative identity, the Choreographer-Notator. This paper describes how the process of drafting the score and then teaching from the score provided new insights into her work and her identity as a dance artist. The paper concludes with the demands on the Choreographer-Notator and concluding observations made through this process.


choreography; Motif Notation; Labanotation; repertory; scoring; pedagogy; literacy

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