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Motif Writing for Meaning-Making and Show Maintenance in Intimacy Choreography

Nicole Perry


Intimacy Direction, a relatively new field in stage and film industries, refers to creating and setting moments of intimacy. Moments of intimacy may be defined as moments that require personal vulnerability between characters, often involving physical contact. The goal of having Intimacy Choreography is to create work that respects the agency and boundaries of the performers, while telling the story of the play, musical, ballet, film, etc. An important aspect of choreography is that it is repeatable. Therefore, documentation is necessary. The Laban Bartenieff Movement System is an incredible tool for Intimacy Directors/Choreographers because it provides a neutral language for coaching and creating movement coupled with notation and motif. This paper explores how the author used motif as a choreographer and intimacy director/choreographer to support her creative process, and how the use of motif bolsters the creative process of the entire production, as choreography is set, documented, and maintained.


theatre; Intimacy choreography; intimacy direction; Laban motif; motif notation; choreography;

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