Proceedings of the Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians

Leading a successful change initiative

Marcy Simons


In July of 2011 the Hesburgh Libraries welcomed a new University Librarian.  Three months later the University announced a staff voluntary early retirement incentive program that would be followed by a request for campus departments to undergo an Organizational Analysis and Design (reorganization).  Over a six-month period a Change Team was created to develop, implement and communicate a plan for reorganization.begin.  At the end of six months we had a new organizational structure which included changes in leadership, reporting lines, staff roles, and recommendations designed to create a culture shift.  By all accounts to date, our redesign met or is improving (as we make adjustments by assessing our efforts at six-month intervals) all of our organizational design criteria. Our process included several key components (use of a player's coach, change style training for everyone, a talent survey, and follow-up assessments to help keep us flexing in the right direction) that helped contribute to our success.

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