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A University-Community Partnership to Combat Food Insecurity among College Students

Kim Buch, Sean Langley, Tamara Johnson, Nakiel Coleman


This paper describes a university-community partnership focused on alleviating food insecurity among college students. The on-campus food pantry served over 800 student clients during its first academic year. The pantry is run by a large group of student, faculty, and staff volunteers, and receives food and volunteer support from community partners and student organizations. Results of an analysis of pantry intake data revealed that during its first year of operation, the pantry served a student population that is majority graduate and international, who live with two or fewer persons per household, and whose food insecurity was reported as occasional. The discussion describes how the results of the study are guiding efforts to better serve students facing food insecurity and to strengthen internal and external partnerships necessary for the long-term success and sustainability of the pantry.  Directions for future research are also discussed.


community partnerships; on-campus food pantries; food insecurity

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